Amazon Fresh Releases Plant-Based Product Line

Amazon Fresh Plant-Based

With the debut of Fresh Plant-Based, Amazon Fresh has become the latest firm to capitalize on the plant-based alternatives sector. The shop began with 15 goods, including almond milk (in Original and Vanilla flavors, both unsweetened and sweetened), plant-based chicken (in nugget and patty formats), and plant-based beef (in nugget and patty formats) (in ground, patty, and meatball formats). The new Amazon range was created with cost in mind, and all of the items are SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) EBT qualified.

“At Amazon, we obsess over quality products and great selection and strive to respond to customer’s needs by giving them choices that fit any lifestyle… With Fresh Plant-Based, we offer customers a selection of affordable favorites that are free from animal products and full of flavor. Fresh Plant-Based has the essentials customers need to create a healthier meal that will satisfy the whole family and won’t break the bank,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

The line was originally made accessible through Amazon Fresh’s internet channels in November, and it is now available at Amazon Fresh’s 25 physical locations. Throughout the month of March, Amazon is offering 20% off its plant-based meat substitutes in-store and online to celebrate the debut. This year, the Fresh Plant-Based line will be expanded to “bring customers more healthy, affordable plant-based products,” according to a spokesman.

Grocery Stores Launching Vegan Products

The plant-based alternatives market is expanding, with sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products expected to increase by 27% to $7 billion by 2020. Furthermore, dollar sales of plant-based meals increased by more than 25% in every US Census area in 2020.

As branded foods from companies like Beyond Meat, Follow Your Heart, and Eat Just fly off the shelves, supermarket retailers are increasingly developing their own brands to cash in on the trend. In addition to its new Fresh Plant-Based line, Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market—a long-time stockist of branded vegan products—offers its own range of plant-based meats, cheeses, frozen foods, and more under the 365 by Whole Foods Market label, which is cheaper.

Target, a major store, is likewise doubling down on its own vegan line. Target introduced its main in-house brand Good & Gather in 2019, which includes vegan goods including oat, coconut, and almond milks, meatless chicken tenders, and vegan beef patties, as well as fruit. Target capitalized on the popularity of Good & Gather last year with the debut of Favorite Day, a new in-house brand that provides a variety of dairy-free ice cream pints and bars.

With its private-label brand Simple Truth, Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States, is also a major participant in the plant-based space. Kroger introduced a plant-based line extension of its Simple Truth brand in 2019, with 20 items including vegan deli slices, dairy-free dips and spreads, and its own plant-based burger patties and grinds. Kroger will add 50 new goods to this line in 2020, including vegan chicken patties, almond milk-based yogurt, dairy-free cheese, and oat milk-based ice creams.

Kroger is also looking at a new approach to provide customers with plant-based meat. Kroger also announced a partnership with Impossible Foods (which it sells in-store) this month, which might lead to a co-branded product under its House Chef brand—a meal kit that can be purchased in-store and delivered to your home.


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