Alison Hammond, Host of ‘This Morning,’ Is Perplexed by Vegan Nuggets: ‘What Is the Point of Chicken Eating?’

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Alison Hammond, the host of This Morning in the United Kingdom, has made her opinions regarding vegan nuggets perfectly clear: she loves them.

On a new section of This Morning, Hammond and her co-host Dermot O’Leary, as well as chef Juliet Sear, tasted vegan and animal-derived nuggets.

The hosts couldn’t tell the difference between the two, calling the vegetarian choice “amazing” and “brilliant.”

“It’s fantastic. “It’s absolutely fantastic!” remarked Hammond. “Well done, that was lovely” she states.

“And no chickens were harmed,” Sear added.

The rave reviews were captured on video and shared on Twitter by This Morning. It has received over 410,000 views in one day as of this writing. Hammond then retweeted the video from Plant Based News to her 400,000 followers on Twitter.

“I can’t believe that… do you know what? I’m gonna turn into a vegan. It’s so much better for the planet,” Hammond stated.

Indeed, studies have shown a link between plant-based diets and long-term eating habits. According to research published in November, meat-free diets release 59 percent fewer greenhouse emissions than meat-based diets.

The Review

Hammond pushed viewers to try the plant-based snack for themselves on This Morning, which receives over one million views every day.

“It’s brilliant. That is amazing. Seriously guys, try it. Try those vegan nuggets, they’re great,” she told the camera.

“I’ve never seen you so passionate — about anything,” O’Leary said Hammond.

“I just can’t believe they taste like chicken. What’s the point of eating chicken when you can eat those?” Hammond said.

It’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind like it’s never been before. Major corporations are eager to keep up with the growing number of Britons who are ditching animal products in favor of plant-based foods.

It’s possible that’s why KFC reintroduced meatless chicken burgers in its UK outlets this week. In 2019, and again in 2021, the fast food behemoth tried out the choice. The Quorn Vegan Chicken Burger is now a permanent fixture.

Similarly, KFC in the United States just announced the debut of plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken at 4,000 locations throughout the country.

KFC Canada followed suit Monday, introducing popcorn chicken produced by vegan meat company Lightlife. Mary Brown’s, a well-known Canadian chicken brand, has introduced meatless chicken alternatives for the first time.

Source: “‘This Morning’ Host Alison Hammond Baffled By Vegan Nuggets: ‘What’s The Point Of Eating Chicken?’” by Plant Based News



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