Vegan Athlete Wins Bronze at World Triathlon Multisport Championships

Vegan Athlete at World Triathlon Multisport Championships

At the World Triathlon Multisport Championships, vegan athlete Lisa Gawthorne recently took home a bronze medal.

Gawthorne competed in the sprint duathlon, which took place in Romania, like the rest of the championships. She ran for 5.7 kilometers in temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius before riding for 20 kilometers. She ran 2.5 kilometers as her final exercise.

Gawthorne said she was “delighted” to have made the “world podium” after years of preparation.

“I live and breathe veganism… I really love spreading the positive message that veganism has for health, fitness, the animals, and the planet,” she told In Your Area.

Plant-Based Success

Gawthorne is one of several accomplished vegan athletes who are demonstrating to the world that a diet high in meat is not essential for peak performance.

At the British Women’s Classic Championships earlier this year, vegan athlete and powerlifter Sophia Ellis smashed six national records. She performed the biggest deadlift ever performed by a woman in Britain.

According to Ellis, eating well was “a huge part of recovery.”

 “Being vegan has definitely helped me to optimize this alongside keeping training consistent, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress levels, etc.,” she added.

The previous year, vegan triathlete and world champion Kate Strong set a record for the longest static bike ride in a single day.

“I’m constantly striving to redefine what society tells us is possible. Through these world record attempts, I want to demonstrate what you can do if you put your mind to it,” she told Plant Based News.

Source: “Vegan Athlete Takes Bronze At The World Multisport Championships” by Plant Based News

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