Twitch Adds Vegan Tag and a Stream Team’s Passion for Helping Animals

Boy gaming on Twitch

One voice turned into many as we all started voting and telling Twitch that we are here, also. After 326 votes, Twitch made the vegan tag a reality.

By Jason Rapp

When people think of the term “vegan,” there are certain images that come to mind. Usually, it is food-related or sometimes gym related. One place you would not really think to look is gamers and streamers. For those of us that are gamers and streamers, it can sometimes be difficult to find others. The gaming world is not necessarily known for compassion, especially the online world. Well, that changed in the summer of 2021.

After seeing the release of new tags available for streamers to use in order to help find like-minded people to grow their stream or build a community. One voice began to organize us all in order to make a vegan tag a reality. That one voice turned into many as we all started voting and telling Twitch that we are here, also. After 326 votes, Twitch made the vegan tag a reality.

Since then, the vegan community has grown on Twitch. Many people are following vegan streams because they are vegan and are looking to find others not only to show support. They are also looking for a safe place. Where they will not be judged on choosing compassion over real-life violence. There are also instances in which people are curious about veganism. However, they might not feel comfortable asking about it. They feel less apprehensive with people they have built a rapport with. Twitch helps bridge this gap.

Vegan streamers range from Gaming, Cooking, just chatting, and Art channels. To Stream teams entirely made up of vegans. Some stream teams are also able to raise money for causes they believe in. One example is the stream team “Streambeanz.” The team was able to raise a combined total of $5,444 for VINE animal sanctuary. VINE is an LGBTQ+-owned and operated animal sanctuary that focuses on rescuing domestic animals from slaughter.

The founder and the one that brought us all together to get the tag official. A streamer by the name of AttacRacc. She said she could not wait to see what other causes the team could raise money for. She also mentioned the team is always willing to accept an application to join the team. So if you are a gamer or streamer and looking for others to game with. There are plenty of Vegans on Twitch that you can easily find by simply searching the term “vegan”

On a final note. This shows that one person can be the pebble in the pond. If you live your beliefs. You can cause many ripples that will bring change. There are times we all have trouble finding others that share our beliefs. The good news is that with the new Vkind app. There will be a social feed function, which can help us find each other. So please join me and many others. I will see you on the app.

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