Traffic Lights In Belgium Are Encouraging Veganism

Traffic Lights in Belgium

Traffic lights in Brussels, Belgium, are pushing residents to give up animal products and go vegan.

The phrase ‘go vegan’ has been flashing on dozens of traffic lights across the city, with the red signal displaying ‘stop meat.’

While it is unclear how the pro-vegan signs appeared, it is becoming increasingly likely that animal-welfare activists were behind the traffic light makeover.

“I’m sure it hasn’t been done secretly because it would have only lasted a few days, it’s been going on for weeks. [It’s the] same system as some lights say BUS,” a resident told Vegan Food and Living.

Reducing Meat Consumption

Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of processed meat as carcinogenic in October 2015, Belgium’s food pyramid paired processed meat with junk food, urging that individuals eat those foods ‘as little as possible.’

Fruit, vegetables, tofu, and water were placed at the top of the pyramid, urging locals to eat these foods the most.

Source: “Belgian Traffic Lights Are Encouraging People To Go Vegan” by Plant Based News

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