The Vegetarian Butcher Tests If Vegans and Carnivores Can Coexist

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The Vegetarian Butcher undertook a food-related sociological experiment to test if participants could cope with their dietary variations.

‘The Unthinkable Date,’ which pairs adamant vegans with proud meat-eaters, determines if a unique eating experience may foster real love or lead to participants yanking their knives out.

After a flurry of polls claimed to demonstrate a gaping social divide right down the dinner table, TBWANeboko offered out the cuisine of courting contrasts, with a recent survey by Veggly suggesting that over half of vegans would flatly refuse to date a meat-eater.

A further survey released by Plant-Based News indicated that 42% of meat-eaters would reject a vegan or vegetarian mate, while yet another study – this one by Perspectus – found that 75% of Brits feel compatibility in the kitchen is just as essential as compatibility in the bedroom.

This inspired the meat-alternative business to step up to the plate and provide some Valentine’s Day romance, pitting six singletons against each other in a food battle by serving both parties the identical plant-based meal, despite their menus stating differently.

The business wanted to see if adamant vegans and adamant meat eaters could put their differences aside and commit to a second date by adding blind tasting to a blind date.

“Following Veganuary last month, Valentine’s Day felt like the perfect opportunity to prove a plant-based diet can be for life, not just for January. It’s clear more people are choosing to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, but that doesn’t need to be at the sacrifice of finding love. At The Vegetarian Butcher, we believe that we must sacrifice nothing when it comes to enjoying our food and in a world that is already so divided, we want to bring people together with our plant-based meats – not tear them apart,” said Laura Iliffe, senior brand manager at The Vegetarian Butcher.

With businesses like Pepsico, Unilever, and M&S progressively embracing meat-free goods, The Vegetarian Butcher is pioneering Instagram and Twitter side dishes that will offer up a daily diet of news and updates behind its culinary revolution.

Source: “The Vegetarian Butcher tests whether vegans and carnivores can stomach each other” by The Drum



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