The Queen Inn Changes to Vegan Menu After Veganuary

the queen inn

When the Edwards family decided to make The Queen Inn totally vegan for the month of January, they were met with a bombardment of cynical comments.

One reader commented, “You won’t last until February.” After an “astonishing response,” Ryan, Gareth, and Jane Edwards have chosen to make the Queen Inn in Cwmbran totally vegan for good.

“We decided it was worth taking the risk for January because it’s always likely to be a quiet month anyway, but it’s been a genuinely insane response,” said Gareth.

“We’ve been fully booked for an entire month. The only dates we end up having available are cancellations.”

Ryan and his mother Jane were already vegans, but it was his father Gareth who suggested they try Veganuary. The choice, according to the family, was not made to change people’s eating habits, but they believe they are making a difference.

“Some people are skeptical about it… Some wonder why we’re doing it. For many, meat is a staple of their diet and that’s understandable. Some get uptight but people are interested and I enjoy talking about it to customers… My favorite type of customers are the interested non-vegans, who are surprised and blown away by what we’re doing,” explained Ryan.

Customers are coming from all over the world to visit them. A couple traveled from Scotland on Saturday after learning about the Queen Inn on the internet.

“So many people are supporting us, driving hours to come and see us. On Saturday we had a couple come down from Aberdeen in Scotland just for us which is unreal.”

Ryan has been left perplexed by the level of popularity they’ve achieved.

Source: “Traditional pub moves to permanent vegan menu after Veganuary trial resulted in full booking for a month” by Wales Online



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