Over 60% of Young Americans Support Meat Taxes

Meat Taxes

According to a new poll, Americans want individuals to consume less meat. And they’re ready to raise prices and taxes to achieve this.

More than 3,500 US consumers were polled in a new Veylinx survey about pricing meat to limit consumption.

Overall, roughly 40% of participants supported a 10% meat tax, according to the data. Support was stronger among the younger generation.

More than 60% of Generation Z members stated they supported a tax. Government subsidies to lower plant-based product prices and stimulate innovation were backed by more than 70% of respondents.

Nearly 80% of participants “could be convinced” to buy more meat substitutes on a regular basis, according to the survey. One factor was greater flavor, while roughly 30 percent indicated decreased pricing would convince them.

The study also revealed that “meatless” was the most popular phrase among those used to designate alternative protein sources, including “veggie,” “vegan,” and “plant-based.”

The Meat Tax

The concept of an additional tax has long been suggested as a way to reduce meat demand and thereby reduce environmental burden. The meat business is a big contributor to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

For the benefit of the earth, a recent research from the University of Bonn in Germany advised that affluent Western countries limit meat consumption by at least 75%. (The average European consumes around 80 kg of beef each year.)

Dr. Matin Qaim, the study’s principal author, argued at the time that a meat tax may be an effective, “reasonable,” and “fair” strategy to encourage people to consume less meat.

“Meat has a high environmental cost that is not reflected in current prices,” he added.

Source: “More Than 60% Of Young Americans Support Meat Taxes, New Study Finds” by Plant Based News

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