HSUS Helps Save 4,000 Beagles in Virginia Testing Facility


Thanks to the Humane Society of the US, about 4,000 beagles have been saved from participating in animal testing (HSUS).

The US Department of Justice recently requested assistance, and the animal protection organization responded. It was requesting assistance in getting thousands of canines out of a Virginia breeding facility. The facility, which is operated by the research company Envigo, supplied testing labs with animals.

The dogs were found earlier this year in “shocking” overcrowding.

According to the HSUS, some nursing mothers were denied food, some puppies perished from the cold, and some food was contaminated with maggots. Instead of bringing some animals to the vet for straightforward treatments, they were slaughtered.

The remaining 4,000 canines had to be released earlier in July after inspection reports revealed the facility.

The Rescue

Rescue groups from all over the US are helping HSUS in its efforts to find new homes for all of the animals.

The rescue was “daunting,” according to John Ramer of Wyoming’s Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, who spoke to NPR.

“When I carry one dog out of a facility, I can tap it on the head and give it a hug and tell him that everything’s gonna be OK. But pulling 4,000 out … it’s an inconceivable number of dogs,” he added.

Dogs already have a hard time finding homes in the middle of the summer, according to HSUS. Shelters frequently exceed their capacity. The nonprofit’s legislative fund president, Sara Amundson, writes in a blog post that the rescue will be a “feat of epic proportions.”

“We are ready to take on the challenge… And we are grateful to our rescue and shelter partners network of local rescue groups and shelters in communities throughout the country—whose dedicated efforts will make it possible for these dogs to find loving homes,” Amundson added.

HSUS is actively pushing the FDA to permanently halt animal testing. You can participate in its mission here.

Source: “4,000 Beagles Saved From Animal Testing Facility In Virginia” by Plant Based News

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