Fur Farming Banned by Republic of Ireland

Fur Farming Banned by Republic of Ireland

The Bill banning fur farming in the Republic of Ireland passed its final stage in the Seanad (Senate) on the evening of Tuesday March 29, 2022, after passing through the Dáil (House of Representatives) in early 2022.

Following similar actions in France, Italy, and Estonia in 2021, Ireland became the most recent country to outlaw fur cultivation. This year, the three remaining fur farms are set to close.

The Animal Health and Welfare and Forestry (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2021 was delayed because the government chose to include forestry legislation. However, across the party divide in both Houses of the Oireachtas, the necessity to halt the brutality of fur factory farming garnered overwhelming support (Parliament). Now it’s up to the President to sign the bill into law.

Following a campaign co-led by Fur Free Alliance member Respect for Animals and the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, successive Irish administrations vowed to prohibit fur farming (ISPCA). This legislation has been anticipated for some time, and it was designated as a priority item when the 2021 legislative program was announced. It is an important aspect of the program for government agreement.

The findings of an impartial opinion survey performed by Red-C and commissioned by Respect for Animals indicated public opinion. The survey, which indicated that 80% of people in Ireland want fur farming prohibited, was released during a Make Fur History event in Dublin co-sponsored by the Fur Free Alliance and the ISPCA.

The fur industry’s brutality was highlighted even further with the publishing of a study by Veterinary Ireland. The research looked at all of the scientific data and found that ‘there should be an immediate ban on the husbandry of mink and comparable wild animals for the production of fur’ on animal welfare grounds. The Case Against Fur Factory Farming, a detailed scientific analysis written by Respect for Animals and unveiled in the European Parliament, provided the basis for Veterinary Ireland’s report.

“This is a historic day for animal welfare in the Republic of Ireland. I have been involved in the campaign to end fur farming in Ireland for over 15 years so this ban is long overdue, but it is fantastic news for all compassionate people. I would like to pay tribute to all campaigners who helped make this possible. It is now essential that legislators around the world – including at European level – take urgent action to end the cruelty of fur factory farming once and for all,” stated Mark Glover, Fur Free Alliance board member and Respect for Animals Director.


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