Brighton Named The ‘Vegan Capital Of The World’

Brighton England

Brighton and Hove has been named the world’s first vegan capital for the first time.

While Portland, Oregon, and Bristol, England, have traditionally held the titles, the online cookbook Chef’s Pencil has crowned Brighton the winner this year.

Chef’s Pencil utilizes Google Trends search data to identify which city is the world’s vegan capital.

Brighton has a long history of being known for its vegan eateries and stores. According to Happy Cow, there are more than 240 vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city. Sushi bar Happy Maki and pizza Purezza are popular hangouts.

According to Chef’s Pencil, the search popularity of vegan-related phrases has decreased somewhat this year. However, sales of plant-based foods continue to rise.

This might be due to the increased popularity of flexitarian diets, which focus on reducing rather than eliminating animal products entirely.

“As flexitarianism becomes more mainstream, with 40 percent of European meat eaters planning to eat less meat, it’s no longer only vegans and vegetarians who are recognizing that every meal is an opportunity to eat more sustainably,” Charlotte Lucas, a corporate engagement manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, told Chef’s Pencil.

United Kingdom Pioneering Vegan Food

The UK came up on top in terms of “most popular countries for veganism in 2022,” followed by Germany and Austria. The United States ranked eleventh.

Consumers in the United Kingdom have more options than ever before for vegetarian meals.

Popular restaurant brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut all provide vegan options. Plant-based foods are now available in every supermarket, including the country’s largest, Tesco.

“The amount of choice these days is mouth-watering,” Derek Sarno, Tesco’s head of plant-based food innovation and co-creator of the vegan Wicked Kitchen collection, said earlier this year.

“Almost every category within supermarkets now has plant-based options, making it easier than ever for those considering or switching to embracing more meat-free days of the week.”

Source: “Brighton Crowned ‘Vegan Capital Of The World’ For The First Time” by Plant Based News

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