Better Naked Vegan Chicken Kyiv Is Assisting Ukrainians

Better Naked Garlic Chicken Kyiv

Finnebrogue, a food company located in the United Kingdom, has vowed to give half of the revenues from their vegan Better Naked Garlic Chicken Kiev to Ukraine’s humanitarian relief efforts. The product was also renamed Chicken “Kyiv” to demonstrate support for the Ukrainian people, who are presently defending their country’s capital city against Russian invasion.

The change from “Chicken Kiev” to “Chicken Kyiv” corresponds to the Ukrainian spelling of the country’s capital, from whence the dish originated. The Kiev spelling is associated with the Soviet Union and is considered as a remnant of the past by many Ukrainians, with the government initiating a ‘KyivNotKiev’ campaign in 2018. Following Russian assault, there is a trend away from the Soviet spelling of Kiev and toward the Ukrainian spelling.

The proceeds from Finnebrogue’s Better Naked Garlic Chicken Kyiv will be donated to UNICEF and the Red Cross to aid in relief efforts during the present invasion. In addition, the company will make an immediate donation of £10,000 ($13,400) to the organizations. As Ukrainian families seek safety and asylum, UNICEF is increasing its assistance efforts, while the International Committee of the Red Cross is responding to the battle by offering food, water, first aid, medicine, warm clothing, and shelter.

“The world is appalled by the disgraceful events being perpetrated by the [Vladimir] Putin regime in Ukraine. All our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people as they defend their homeland and stand up for the principles of self-determination and free, liberal democracy… So many of us in the UK feel utterly helpless but still determined to do what little we can. That’s why at Finnebrogue we are donating to the humanitarian effort and renaming our Better Naked Chicken Kyiv in recognition of the Ukrainian people’s brave defense of their proud nation,” stated Finnebrogue chief strategy officer Jago Pearson.

Chicken covered in breadcrumbs and garlic butter is used in the classic Chicken Kyiv meal. The Better Naked plant-based Kyiv is a vegan variation of the original meal, but Finnebrogue employs pea protein-based vegan chicken wrapped in wheat bread crumbs and topped with a vegan garlic butter sauce. Several UK retailers, notably Waitrose and Ocado, sell the product.

Vegan Bacon

Burgers, chicken nuggets, battered fish, bacon, and meatballs are among Better Naked’s plant-based offerings. Last October, Finnebrogue teamed up with Costa Coffee in the United Kingdom to introduce the Vegan Bac’n Breakfast Bap, a vegan bacon breakfast sandwich made with Better Naked plant-based bacon. A fluffy white bread is covered with vegan bacon and served with your choice of Heinz ketchup or HP Brown sauce (both of which are vegan).

After Gordon Ramsay offered a critical critique of Costa Coffee’s animal-based breakfast Bacon Bap in a viral TikTok drive-thru roasting, the coffee giant decided to hire Gordon Ramsay lookalike Martin Jordan to be the face of its new ad. Costa used the look-alike actor in a video to rebut Ramsay’s critique, saying how great the sandwich is in comparison to its animal-based version. Jordan added in the video,  “I’m no expert, but this is pretty f*cking good.”




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