80,000 People Sign Petition To Close ‘Family-Run’ Slaughterhouse

Cow in Slaughterhouse

A campaign to close a slaughterhouse in Essex has received over 80,000 signatures.

The petition, written to local MP Giles Francis Watling, claims that the slaughterhouse, C.J. Byford & Son, has infringed “multiple laws.”

Cows were “bellowing for their lives” at the small, family-run operation, where the owner was “intentionally hurting” them by employing improper stunning methods.

People are encouraged to sign the petition to put pressure on the government.

“Local Farms”

In a recent op-ed for Plant Based News, local meat Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong called out the same slaughterhouse.

According to him, cows were “terrified” and the owner was yelling and threatening them during an inspection of the facility. He went on to say that the video showed that meat from “local farms” is no more ethical than meat from the shop shelf.

“You may often hear people say, ‘I only buy meat from my local butcher, and the animals are from local farms,’” added Carbstrong. 

“Well, the animals who were killed at C.J. Byford & Son were from the surrounding local farms. And, the business supplied only to local butchers, not supermarkets. This place was about as local and family-run as you can get.”

Slaughterhouse Brutality

This is by no means the first study into slaughterhouse cruelty. These facilities, however, do not just damage animals; they also injure people.

Last year, vegan activist and son of a butcher worker Jack Hancock-Fairs unveiled The Dying Trade, a documentary. The film highlights the suffering of both humans and animals at slaughterhouses.

“The suffering experienced within slaughterhouses is huge in scale and clearly neglected,” he stated at the time.

“I really hope this film can open people’s eyes to the animal cruelty and poor worker treatment that exists within the walls of slaughterhouses all over the world. By raising awareness about these issues, we can help lay the groundwork for future progress.”

Source: “Petition To Shut Down ‘Family-Run’ Slaughterhouse Exceeds 80,000 Signatures” by Plant Based News

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