PETA Calls For A ‘Wear Vegan’ Resolution

peta billboard encouraging to wear vegan

“We Want You to Change.” That’s the message a sheep, a cow, and a goose are trying to get across to Grand Rapids residents, according to PETA’s bus advertising all across the city asking people to start 2022 on a humane note by refusing to wear wool, leather, down, or anything else derived cruelly from animals.

“When people learn that animals are left bleeding and screaming for clothing, they’re eager to opt for cruelty-free, vegan fashion… PETA is encouraging kind shoppers to embrace an animal-free wardrobe this year,” states PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

Workers at wool businesses leave delicate sheep with gory, gaping wounds; burn, electroshock, beat, and butcher cows for leather; pluck geese so violently for down that the birds howl in agony and terror; and mistreat animals in numerous ways, according to PETA groups’ investigations.

PETA United States, whose motto includes the phrase “animals are not ours to wear,” opposes speciesism, a human-centered worldview.

Source: “New Year, New You! PETA Urges ‘Wear Vegan’ Resolution” by PETA



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