Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Dress Ethically?

girl laying down dressed in white with colorful shoes

New Year’s resolutions generally entail striving to develop healthier habits, such as doing more of what is good for us and less of what isn’t.

Many of us will try to make dietary and lifestyle changes in 2022, and a transition to veganism will be high on many people’s lists.

Making this modification in our diet is quite simple, but what if we decide to extend it to our clothes as well?

Vegan fashion is a popular trend that refers to products that are free of animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Fruit waste, such as banana and pineapple fibers, recycled plastic and rubber, polyurethane, and bamboo may all be used to make a vegan leather bag.

Vegan fashion is part of a larger trend toward ethical and ecological apparel that considers both the manufacturing method and the materials utilized.

TENCELTM, a natural, sustainable, and entirely biodegradable fabric derived from tree pulp, is created from eucalyptus trees and ethically sourced wood pulp; organic cotton, wool, and viscose; and organic cotton, wool, and viscose.

All of the items in this collection are from ethically conscious businesses.

“Vegan fashion should not just be about excluding animal materials. It is just as important that it is a fashionable product that people will desire and want to buy,” stated Alicia Lai, Founder of Vegan fashion footwear brand B_Boheme.

She continued “It is great quality, produced ethically and using the most innovative and sustainable materials available. Vegan fashion can most certainly look as beautiful, or I would say even more beautiful, than a ‘conventional’ fashion item due to it being animal-free and consciously made.”

Source: “Is ethical fashion your New Year resolution?” by The Press and Journal



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