Fenics Is Producing Eighties-Inspired Vegan Sneakers

Fenics shoes

Vegan sneakers designed in an eighties style are being produced by the French company Fenics, all with a carbon footprint that is half that of competing brands.

In addition, the shoes need half as much water and energy to make them as opposed to regular sneakers. This is partly because they were built with environmentally friendly materials.

The shoes’ uppers are constructed of apple fibers, while their linings and insoles are both composed of recycled polyurethane. Both natural and artificial rubber are used in the outsole.

The shoes are produced at a solar-powered, hand-crafted studio in Spain. When used up, they can be partially recycled and returned to Fenics in exchange for a €20 credit. The shoes can only be delivered to metropolitan areas in France, Belgium, Monaco, and Andorra in order to minimize their carbon footprint.

Footwear that matters

Numerous companies are using new and creative techniques to make their shoes more sustainable as environmental concerns increase. Everything from coffee grinds and grain to plant-based polymers and apple leather has been used.

While some of these developments originate from up-and-coming companies, well-known ones like Adidas and Reebok are also making efforts to lessen their carbon footprint. In many cases, they have introduced vegan and environmentally friendly variations of their traditional shoe designs.

By 2030, the vegan footwear market is expected to grow to a value of $76.30 billion from its current $42.18 billion value.

Source: Fenics: Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Inspired by the Eighties by vegconomist

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