Wild Earth Produces ‘First-Ever’ Cell-Based Chicken Broth for Pets

Wild Earth Dog Food

A cell-based meat broth topper for dogs has been created by sustainable pet food company Wild Earth, and it will be available to consumers in 2023. The broth is the first cell-based meat product to be introduced to the retail pet food market, claims the business.

The chicken broth was developed in Wild Earth’s laboratories in Berkeley, California using its patented technique and is now available alongside its current line of high-protein dog treats and foods. Launching cell-based meat products, in the opinion of Wild Earth, is the next step in changing the pet food sector and lessening its unfavorable environmental effects.

“Our pets’ environmental paw print accounts for 30% of meat consumed in the US and it doesn’t have to… By replacing factory-farmed products with clean, sustainable, cruelty-free cell-based meat we can tackle the issues of low quality and often contaminated meat used for our pets’ food and transform the sustainability of the entire pet food industry,” states Wild Earth Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Bethencourt.

“Cell-based meat is the future of food for us and our pets, and this development marks an important milestone in our mission to disrupt the pet food industry for the better. We walk the walk when it comes to taking steps to reduce the destructive impact the industry has on our pets’ health and on our environment,” he added.

The growth of plant-based options

Following a $23 million funding round, Wild Earth, a company that makes a line of koji-based dog food, initially disclosed its ambitions for cell-based meat in 2021, saying it was creating cultured beef, chicken, and seafood.

The company also debuted a fresh brand identity this summer and gave a first peek at its upcoming Core Collection, which will include plant-based dog food in new flavors and at lower retail costs. The premium dog chow from Wild Earth debuted at Walmart locations across the US in March.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, who made an investment in the company on Shark Tank, commented on the most recent cell-based advancements, saying, “Wild Earth has always been on the cutting edge of plant-based pet food and I look forward to seeing their continued growth as they step into the cell-based meat space.”

Source: “Wild Earth Develops ‘First-Ever’ Cell-Based Chicken Broth For Pet Food Market”

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