Which Countries Produce the Most Food Waste?

food waste in dumpster

We’ve known for a long time how harmful the impacts of waste can be on our environment. But do we really realize how much waste we generate? Bosch undertook research using data from the UNEP Food Waste Index Report to identify the world’s top 99 exporters accountable for the greatest food waste.

Every year, an astonishing one-third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or squandered. This equates to 1.3 billion metric tons!

But it’s not simply the environmental consequences that need to be considered; there are also larger ethical and economical aspects to consider. And, happily, individuals all around the world are becoming more careful of their purchasing decisions, avoiding unnecessary purchases that contribute to the problem. Many charities and big organizations are also pursuing novel concepts to improve our connection with food, using new technology and legal reforms to reduce the environmental effect of waste.

We may learn a little more about where waste is most prevalent throughout the world by looking at data from the UNEP Food Waste Index Report. The Index Report focuses on the top 99 exporters, who are responsible for the majority of food waste.

China, which produces 179 million tonnes per year, is at the top of the list. India is in second place with 128 million tonnes, followed by the United States with 45 million tonnes. With about 6.5 million tonnes of waste created each year, the United Kingdom is ranked 21st. Slovenia and Trinidad and Tobago are at the bottom of the Index; as the most resourceful, they waste just 126,758 and 156,662 tonnes of food each year, respectively.

Food waste in the home, in the food service industry, and in the retail sector

Naturally, we must examine our own habits at home and consider how we may begin to minimize the quantity of food we waste as individuals and families. According to statistics, Greece produces the most domestic waste per capita, with 1,483,996 tonnes produced each year. This corresponds to 141 kg per person.

Malaysia is the leading contributor in the food service and retail industries, with 89.56kg and 141.69kg per capita, respectively.

Russia, on the other hand, has emerged as the most resourceful in terms of household statistics, producing just 33 kg of garbage per capita. Bangladesh creates the least waste in the food service business, with only 3.34kg per capita. With slightly over 3kg of trash per capita, New Zealand is the least wasteful in the retail sector.

So, what are your thoughts? We’d love to hear about your experiences with waste, as well as any of your suggestions for reducing the quantity of food wasted in your home.

Source: “Study reveals which countries produce the most food waste” by The Vegan Review



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