Porsche Plans to Switch to eFuel Made of Water and Air

Porsche 911 with eFuel

The newly used eFuel was created by a business called Highly Innovative Fuels and is composed of carbon dioxide and water. Porsche has invested in the business to hasten its transition to an all-electric future.

In Punta Arenas, Chile, Highly Innovative Fuels makes use of a wind-powered facility. The plant is situated close to South America’s southernmost point, where there is wind almost all year round. The business produces the fuel by combining hydrogen derived from water with carbon removed from the atmosphere to produce methane. This is then transformed into a fuel that functions similarly to gasoline.

A Porsche representative told Fox News Digital that no modifications were necessary for the 911 model they used to showcase the fuel and that almost any gasoline vehicle could use the new fuel. To reduce the expenses associated with producing the fuel, the plant plans to increase production by the end of this decade.

Source: “Porsche Plans to Replace Gasoline with eFuel Made From Water and Air” by One Green Planet

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