Pinterest Has Banned Climate Misinformation

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Pinterest has said that it will remove all climate-related disinformation from its platform.

Image-focused Pinterest is mostly used for sharing and discovering ideas for home renovations, apparel, and beauty tips. However, it is not immune from individuals who utilize the platform to promote false or misleading claims regarding the climate crisis.

Unlike other networks (such as Facebook), Pinterest, however, accepts responsibility for the propagation of disinformation. It has promised to remove all information related to climate change denial from its pages. This includes anything that rejects that humans are responsible for climate change, as well as distortion of scientific evidence and incorrect information regarding climate solutions.

Pinterest’s head of policy, Sarah Bromma, told The Guardian that the company aims to “cultivate a space that’s trusted and truthful.”  It is the only social media network that has this level of control against climate disinformation.

Climate Misinformation

Meta (then known as Facebook) announced new measures in September to combat disinformation about the climate catastrophe on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. This includes things like financing in groups dedicated to preventing disinformation and creating video material featuring young climate activists.

However, many people chastised Meta for not doing enough. Last November, two studies—one by the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the other by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue—found that false information on Facebook was still prevalent.

They determined that just around 10% of posts containing disinformation were marked as such. The posts used language like “scam” and “hysteria” to describe the climate catastrophe.

Posts that deny climate change are hazardous. After all, the climate problem is a very real and present danger.

Animal agriculture, fashion, and the transportation sectors, to mention a few of the major culprits, are all contributing to dangerously high levels of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Time, on the other hand, is still on our side.

We can halve emissions by 2030, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But only if businesses act now to combat climate change.

False information published on social media dilutes the gravity of the issue.

Friends of the Earth’s anti-disinformation team is led by Michael Khoo. According to The Guardian, Pinterest is displaying “great leadership” by deleting climate falsehoods.

“We encourage others to take note of Pinterest’s efforts to reduce climate change disinformation,” he added.

Source: “Pinterest Becomes First Social Media Platform To Ban Climate Misinformation” by Plant Based News

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