Mercedes-Benz Unveils New Carbon-Neutral Electric Car With Vegan Fabric

mercedes-benz VISION EQXX electric car

With the purchase of a bio-based silk material, Mercedes-Benz is decorating new vegan interiors inside some of its automobiles.

It’s made in collaboration with AMSilk GmbH, a German company that makes biotech vegan silk.

They will collaborate to build environmentally friendly automobile door handles for Mercedes-next Benz’s electric vehicle, the VISION EQXX.


The new vehicle was only announced by the automaker yesterday, with promises of “entirely new level” of economy.

“Driven by the idea of zero impact on our planet and a highly responsible use of green energy, we inspired our engineers to go above and beyond,” the company stated.

The car’s carbon impact is also reduced because of the use of sustainable materials.

Vegan silk from AMSilk is said to be 100 percent biodegradable, recyclable, and waste-free.

Its application in the VISION EQXX is the first time the material has been employed in the automobile industry.

It “provides a solution to the car industry, whose need to replace petroleum-based content by natural, bio-based materials is increasingly growing,” according to the business.

Vegan Fabrication

“We are extremely proud to partner with Mercedes-Benz on the technology program VISION EQXX…Amid a fresh wave of ambitious climate pledges, we are proud to be playing a leading role in providing solutions for a zero-waste future,” stated AMSilk CEO Ulrich Scherbel.

Mercedes isn’t the first company to use vegan cloth in its automobiles.

Karuun, an unique wood, was included in the company’s VISION AVTR last year. Following tight collaboration with Formula One champion – and vegan advocate – Lewis Hamilton, the company announced ambitions to become carbon-neutral.

Mercedes plans to establish a totally carbon-neutral passenger car fleet by 2039 as part of its ongoing environmental initiatives.

Source: “Mercedes-Benz Debuts New Electric Car With Vegan Fabric In Carbon Neutral Drive” by Plant Based News



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