First Vegan Violin Made Using Wild Berries and Spring Water

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A violin has been certified by The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark for the first time ever. The maker of the musical instrument, which was historically made with animal materials, claims that it is more ethical and sonically superior.

Padraig O’Dubhlaoidh, an Irish musician, is the brains behind the project, which took years to finish. Buckingham Palace, the White House, Carnegie Hall, and the Royal Albert Hall have all hosted performances by the violin maker’s instruments.

Animal hide glue, generated from the skin, bones, and tendons of animals, has traditionally been employed by violin builders in their designs. Horses are the most common source, however rabbits, fish, and other animals can also be utilized.

Ivory, horse tail hair, and animal intestines, among other animal-derived items, can be found in violin strings and bows.

However, O’Dubhlaoidh insists that no animal body parts are required to make the instrument. The performer maintained faithful to traditional violin-making equipment and processes, but added some modern twists of his own.

For example, he utilized wild berries and spring water from beneath the granite of the Malvern Hills in the UK, where O’Dubhlaoidh resides, to create the purfling design that wraps around the instrument’s edges.

Although animal-free strings and bows do exist, the Vegan Trademark has yet to register them.

Ethical Instrumentation 

In a statement, O’Dubhlaoidh outlined the procedure.

“I learned a lot about my craft during years of research and ultimately, it was the science of conservation that brought about a series of breakthroughs leading to success. During my experiments, I also discovered that there are unforeseen advantages to a vegan violin.”

“Apart from the benefit to animals, society, and our environment, it has become very clear that animal-based glues have harmful effects on violins, inducing powerful tensions on wooden components. The adhesive used in my vegan violins however, has no such effect. Irrespective of ethics, this is an acoustic improvement.”

“With our planet facing crises on almost every front, the collective voice of people wanting a fairer future grows stronger every day. Ethical musicians are part of this movement and have long wished for a violin that is fully vegan yet retains all the qualities of the classic instrument.”

Ericka Durgahee, the Vegan Society’s marketing manager, praised the launch.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have the world’s first vegan violin registered with the Vegan Trademark. This will be music to the ears of so many violinists who have longed for a high-quality instrument that is free from animal products,” they said in a statement.

“Every violin is also completely bespoke with the sound and feel tailored to the player’s individual style and preference. Padraig has done a fantastic job and we’re extremely proud of what he has produced.”

Visit O’Dubhlaoidh’s website to discover more about the vegan violin.

Source: “‘World’s First’ Vegan Violin Crafted By Musician Using Wild Berries And Spring Water” by Plant Based News



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