Clear Food System Transition Targets Called on at COP27

Clear Food Systems Called on at COP27

At COP27, the International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG) has urged world leaders to establish precise, quantifiable goals for the transition of the food system. By promoting plant-based diets, it is hoped to lessen the negative effects of animal husbandry on the environment.

Additionally, the association urges states to:

  • Encourage farmers to switch to more environmentally friendly practices, such as producing crops rather than animals.
  • Inform the public about a plant-based diet.
  • To promote sustainable choices, accurately label plant-based foods.
  • Make plant-based foods accessible in places like schools and hospitals and advocate for them in dietary recommendations.
  • Make sure that sustainable food is reasonably priced.
  • Contribute to the study of climate-friendly crops and plant-based diets.
  • In settings like retail stores, promote plant-based foods as the environmentally friendly option.

The Plant Based Foods Association (US), the European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods, the Plant Based Foods Association China, the European Plant-Based Foods Association, the Plant-Based Foods of Canada, the Plant-Based Food Alliance UK, the Plant Based Foods Industry Association (India), and the Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs of Mexico make up the IPBFWG, a coalition of eight member organizations.

Focus on plant-based diets at COP27

The IPBFWG has also praised the debut appearance this year at COP27 of pavilions with a food-related theme. The Food4Climate Pavilion, encompassing ten food and agriculture subjects, is being hosted by ProVeg International, while the Food Systems Pavilion is being administered by a collaboration of 15 organizations. There is also a Food and Agriculture Pavilion. 

In addition, alternative protein businesses like Oatly and Eat Just will be at COP27 to promote their cutting-edge new products and advocate for improvements to the food system.

“Plant-based foods and food systems represent an opportunity to innovate and optimize the way we feed the world… As world leaders gather to discuss climate solutions at COP27, it is essential that there are clear targets identified to aid in global transitions towards plant-based food systems. We have reached a moment in history when our actions will determine the viability of our planet and the life it sustains — and to ensure a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable future for generations to come, we need a resilient food system that works for people, the planet, and animals alike,” said Rachel Dreskin, CEO of the Plant Based Foods Association.

Source: “Plant Based Food Groups Call for Clear Food System Transition Targets at COP27” by vegconomist

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