Vegan Business School in Berlin Announces Second Round

Vegan Business School in Berlin

Many people have a dream of starting their own business and promoting veganism, however this dream is not always simple to come true. It’s easier thanks to The Vegan Business School, which was established in Berlin this year.

Participants in the four-month live online courses offered by The Vegan Business School learn how to create and launch a vegan business.

Empowering Women

The Vegan Business School offers the information and assistance required to launch your own vegan business. The focus is particularly on women since Mirjam Walser, who organizes vegan startup events and interacts with many founders, is aware that women in particular have a lot of reservations about starting their own business. Thus, the program focuses on conquering phobias and boosting self-confidence in addition to teaching the fundamentals of business.

“For this, it is important to first get clarity about the idea. For this, we define the vision and mission of the company at the beginning of the program, as well as the target groups and their challenges and wishes. Then it’s about defining the business model and calculating the financial feasibility of the company… When you get into action, mental hurdles are also removed,”  says Walser.

The Vegan Business School’s founder offers personal insight. She has started numerous companies herself, so she is fully aware of the challenges and anxieties involved. This inspired her to create these online classes so that others’ journeys would be made simpler.

“I made many mistakes myself when founding a company. For example, I didn’t test my idea enough or neglected financial planning. It was also difficult for me to stay motivated as a solo founder because I lacked exchange… I wish there had already been a Vegan Business School when I first started up,” Walser states.

Courses at The Vegan Business School are always being added to. Starting in mid-November, a new four-month module is available for founders with little to no prior business experience. Applications are accepted through October 31.

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Source: “Berlin’s Vegan Business School Announces Second Round” by vegconomist

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