Responsible Pet Owner’s Month

Responsible Pet Owner's Month

February is a month filled with appreciation for our loved ones, even our pets! Responsible Pet Owner’s Month is celebrated during the month of February. This is a great time to reflect on how and why we care for our pets the way we do!

 Author: Madison Frederick 

Responsible pet ownership includes a variety of things. Ensuring your pet receives proper nutrition, veterinarian care, exercise, and mental stimulation are all things you must do to be a responsible pet owner. Whether you have a bearded dragon or a kitten, it is crucial to provide these things! 

Being a responsible pet owner has incredible benefits. By giving your pet proper care, you can build a deep, unbreakable bond with your pet. Another positive of giving your pet proper care is their quality of life! It is just as important to provide your pet with proper care for their quality of life rather than just for the sake of bonding with them. 

Now that we understand why it is so important to be a responsible pet owner, here are a few ways to do that!

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is crucial to an animal’s well-being! Giving your pet the proper amount of mental stimulation allows them to experience their lives to their fullest potential. You can provide your pet with mental stimulation in a variety of ways. A common way to do this is through interactive toys. There are a variety of these interactive toys on the market for cats, dogs, rodents, and almost any pet you could imagine! There are also many DIY options for these interactive toys, which is a more affordable option than purchasing one. You can even hide treats somewhere, and this can count as mental stimulation. This kind of enrichment helps to keep your pets from being bored! It also has been proven to link to improvements in an animal’s physical health and mental well-being. 


Providing proper exercise to your animal is a key part of giving your pet the care they deserve! Giving your pet the right amount of exercise can be time-consuming and can even be costly, depending on what type of pet you have. Taking your dog for their daily walk or ensuring your reptile has a large enough tank to get the needed amount of exercise are both examples of a responsible pet owner! Putting effort into the care of your animals, especially in regard to exercise, has so many benefits. Exercise clearly helps support an animal’s physical health, but it also overall improves their daily life. Daily exercise can boost an animal’s mood just like it boosts our own! Putting effort into your pet’s exercise is just one part of being a responsible pet owner. 

Quality Time

Spending time with your pet is one of the best parts of being a pet owner, and it benefits your animal too! When becoming a pet owner, it is important you select an animal that fits into your lifestyle. A large majority of animals prefer to be around their humans rather than alone!Making sure that you block off time in your day to spend time with your companions is a large part of being a responsible pet owner. Sharing time with your animals is a great way to deepen your bond with them and get to know each other even better. Spending time will benefit both you and your furry or not so furry, friends!

Ensuring that your pet receives the right mental stimulation, exercise, and quality time with you are all important aspects of being a responsible pet owner. There are endless ways to provide your pets with proper care. Responsible Pet Owner’s month is a great time to reevaluate how we are providing care to our pets to ensure their wellbeing. Check out and download our app to find other animal-free finds for your pets!



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