Vegan Chef Gets Kicked Out of Cooking Competition for Being Vegan!

Join us for this exciting vKind Connects episode featuring Toronto’s vegan chef, Chef Shabnam. Watch this episode to learn all about Chef Shabnam’s story of being kicked out of a popular TV cooking competition show because she refused to cook with animal products. ⁠ Chef Shabnam’s website: Learn more about Chef Shabnam on Instagram: ⚡️JOIN OUR LATEST GIVEAWAY CONTEST: ⚡️Let’s power up the #VegEconomy together! ♡ ABOUT US vKind is the world’s largest U.S. vegan search platform, bridging the gap between vegan companies and conscious consumers. Download the app and find vegan experiences, professionals, products and restaurants near and far. ⚡️SUBSCRIBE for future Vibes episodes where we explore U.S. cities through the vegan lens, showing just how dynamic and exciting this lifestyle can be! Let’s power up the #VegEconomy together! Looking for a specific type of vegan professional? Vegan business? Vegan product? vKind is an easy-to-use digital platform that makes it simple for everyone, from vegans to veg-curious, to find and support vegan businesses, #plantbased businesses, & vegan professionals offering products and services, and even cruelty-free, healthy, and eco-friendly experiences. If it’s vegan you’ll find it on VKIND.COM!


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