Why Being Vegan Doesn’t Make You Lesser of a Man

Zak Abel

Since switching to veganism for ethical grounds, Abel has remained vegan for four years. Abel, a Londoner of Moroccan-English origin, has collaborated with some of the industry’s greatest stars, including Wookie, Gorgon City, Kaytranada, Don Diablo, and Kygo.

He’s become well-known for his fusion of soul, funk, and pop elements in his music. In the vegan community, though, Abel is likely most known for his song Vegan, which imagines a love setting with a comic twist.

Becoming Vegan

Abel has stated that being a vegan was one of the finest decisions he has ever made.

What started out as a friendly disagreement turned into a life-changing experience. He argues that once he was presented with the ethical arguments against eating meat and dairy, he no longer saw the rationality in doing so.

His sense of morality and commitment to his views were eventually what drove him to make the decision to go vegan.

He has been able to live his most real life since converting to veganism. And he claims it’s because he’s confident he’s not injuring any animals in the process.

Toxic Masculinity Within Veganism

He notes, however, that there is still a lot of shame attached to that decision.

“Over the past few years there’s been lot of discussion on gender especially online and it’s made me think,” he stated

“Trying to figure out my place in the world and my place as a man in the world really got me thinking. Over the past few years there’s been a lot of discussion on gender especially online and it’s made me think.”

“It’s been really amazing to have a different perspective challenging the world’s perspective and the way society has existed for so long.”

Abel addresses toxic masculinity head on in his latest track, Less of a Man.

Regardless of how society has conditioned us to think about gender and masculinity, Abel intends to use his music to promote good change by speaking out about empathy, emotions, and mental health

Source: “Zak Abel: Why Being Vegan Doesn’t Make You Less Of A Man” by Plant Based News



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