Sam Corlett Ditches Leather on ‘Vikings: Valhalla’

Sam Corlett

Vegan actor Sam Corlett, who plays Valhalla in Vikings: Valhalla, has announced that his character’s wardrobe is now made entirely of vegan leather derived from cactus plants.

Corlett plays Leif Erikson, a historic explorer who is regarded to be one of the first Europeans to set foot on the coasts of North America, in the new Netflix miniseries.

The actors wear leather, fur, and wool attire since the drama is set between 1002 and 1066, during the closing years of the Viking period.

Corlett said in a recent interview that wearing his leather suit at the start of the season was difficult for him.

“I hadn’t worn leather in a long time. The costume at the start was all leather, and so that was quite overwhelming,” Corlett stated.

Susan O’Conner Cave, the show’s head of costume, was fast to construct vegan-friendly armor made of cactus leather for the vegan star.

“It’s a funny mix because you want to be as authentic as possible, which makes sense, but also, you know, the values come in sometimes.”

Leather Causes 1 Billion Animals To Be Slaughtered Every Year

Leather is primarily created from cow and calf skins, which is the least sustainable and ethical option. The worldwide leather business, according to PETA, kills almost a billion animals each year.

Vegan leather, manufactured from cactus leather, cork, and recycled rubber, is a sustainable alternative to animal leather, which is very immoral and outmoded.

As vegan leather grows more popular, new varieties of vegan leather are being released by manufacturers all over the world. In fact, by 2025, the vegan leather business is expected to be worth about $90 billion.

Source: “‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Star Sam Corlett Ditches Leather Costume” by Plant Based News

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