Machine Gun Kelly Spotted with Vegan Pizza in New Music Video

machine gun kelly tattoed chef pizza

Machine Gun Kelly and WILLOW collaborated on a new music video for the song “emo girl” from his new album, mainstream sellout. The singer can be seen in the song video eating Tattooed Chef’s frozen vegan pizza.

Machine Gun Kelly is tossed out of a girl’s house with nothing but a box of frozen pizza covering his nude body in the music video for “emo girl,” which is evocative of the late 1990s and early 2000s pop-punk music movement.

Tattooed Chef makes the pepperoni pizza that the singer eats as the girl tosses all of his clothing out the window and into the yard. This pizza is one of the most popular in the frozen pizza aisle, thanks to its gluten-free cauliflower crust, plant-based pepperoni, and mozzarella-style cheese shreds.

On February 9, which also happens to be National Pizza Day, “emo girl” launched. Watch the music video at 52 seconds to see the vegan pizza promotion.

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Source: “Machine Gun Kelly Eats Vegan Pizza in New Music Video” by VegOut Magazine



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