Food Network Gets Vegan Food Thanks To Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown Food Network

Food Network has finally won us over and shown that times are improving after 28 long years. That’s correct, owing to Food Network’s new program It’s CompliPlated, vegan cuisine has finally gained attention. This Food Network program allows viewers to learn about some delectable, animal-free dishes, unlike other programs on the network that employ ingredients from the brutal meat, egg, and dairy industries. The 2020 PETA Person of the Year, Tabitha Brown, is the host of this innovative, caring competition series.

Even the pickiest palates will be appeased by the dishes prepared on the show, which also introduces viewers and chefs to some of the many fantastic vegan options that are readily available. What ingredients does a chef use in their breakfast sandwich with “bacon and egg”? They can utilize items like coconut or seitan in place of the flesh of lovable, intelligent pigs that sing to their young. Chefs can utilize ingredients like tofu or chickpeas in place of snatching eggs from a mother hen who trains her kids to communicate while they’re still in the shell. This program is vegan, therefore no pigs will be killed for their meat, and no hens will have their eggs stolen.

Typical meat-based cuisines are frequently included in the episodes, including game day fare and Southern comfort food. Just for Super Bowl Sunday, more than 300 million delicate chickens are killed for their wings each year. The chefs on It’s CompliPlated demonstrate to the globe why a fantastic game day gathering is best enjoyed with vegan chicken wings. Four chefs are pitted against one another in each competition over the course of three rounds of challenging cooking tasks. Every dish is vegan, and every task has a challenging dietary requirement that needs to be followed. Many of the participants are just beginning their vegan journeys, and they are all free to select from among the many cruelty-free alternatives to items like eggs and cheese that are available in the vegan world.

The process of turning the recipe vegan is simple. The meal’s obligation to not only satisfy the challenge’s specific food requirements but also to win over the panel of judges is what makes it so difficult. A rotating group of guest judges as well as Maneet Chauhan from the Food Network program Chopped serve as judges. The winning entry comes with a $10,000 cash reward and the satisfaction of knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of it.

We are overjoyed that the Food Network has stepped up and offered a vegan option. Hopefully, this is only the beginning and Food Network and other networks will air more and more series featuring vegans. While waiting, we eagerly anticipate the next delicious dishes that rivals will come up with. Watch It’s CompliPlated on the Food Network for your vegan inspiration!

Source: “PETA’s 2020 Person of the Year, Tabitha Brown, Brings Vegan Food to Food Network” by PETA

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