Elton John Teams Up With Monty’s Good Burger

Elton John and Monty's Good Burger Meal

As he performs his final world tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Sir Elton John, who has been sharing his musical abilities with the world since the 1960s, is leaving a few sprinkles of magic along the route.

The Rocket Man and vegan fast-food chain Monty’s Good Burger worked together to create a limited-edition meal that pays homage to John’s unique sense of flair before his last North American performance.

“Monty’s Good Burger was founded by a team of music lovers with backgrounds in the music industry so when we heard that Elton John was performing in Los Angeles during his Farewell tour, we wanted to honor and celebrate the legend while he’s in LA… Since collaborations are built in our DNA it only felt natural to create the Monty’s Loves Elton Meal that is as colorful, special, and iconic as he is,” said Monty’s Good Burger Co-founder Nic Adler.

A single cheeseburger, a serving of 50/50 fries and tots, Baby Blue Ranch Dipping Sauce, Tiny Dancer Pink Lemonade with sprinkles, and a miniature Rainbow Rock Sugar Cookie make up the Monty’s Loves Elton vegan meal.

To honor John’s unique and enduring flair, the cooperation also offers an extraordinary milkshake. The English toffee milkshake in the Glitter Glasses Shake is created with vanilla Oatly soft serve and is topped with edible glitter.

 “Everyone at Monty’s is all so familiar with Sir Elton’s work, so when the opportunity presented itself, we were immediately flooded with ideas… We are so lucky Elton’s team loved the directions we presented, which allowed the collaboration items to come together very naturally,” Monty’s Good Burger Co-founder Lexie Jiaras stated.

While supplies last, the combo meal ($24.99) and shake ($9.00) are only available at Monty’s Good Burger locations.

Los Angeles and vegan burgers

John holds a special place in his heart for Los Angeles because it was there that he gave his debut American performance, rocking West Hollywood hotspot The Troubadour in 1970.

On November 17, 19, and 20, he made a comeback appearance at the Dodger’s Stadium where he previously gave two sold-out performances in 1975 to finish the North American part of his farewell tour.

“To feel the energy from the best fans, not only in Dodger Stadium again, but this time around the world from those watching live at home, will be truly extra special for me. I’m thrilled to celebrate this momentous evening globally… I hope everyone feels the power and joy of performing on a stage as iconic as Dodger’s. Just like I did almost 50 years ago,” John said.

John designed a scavenger hunt across Los Angeles to remember his final days there. It leads fans to noteworthy locations like The Troubadour, Book Soup Bookstore, Amoeba Music, and Monty’s Good Burger, where his vegan collaboration can be found.

And if you get hungry while watching a game at Dodger Stadium, have no fear—the venue’s concessions offer an official plant-based Dodger Dog that was created in collaboration with the vegan company Field Roast Grain Co.

John worked with various companies during his final tour in addition to Monty’s Good Burgers, such as vegan condiment maker Marmite. John and Marmite collaborated to create a limited-edition, rainbow-wrapped jar in order to raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s life-saving efforts.

Monty’s Good Burger is beloved by celebrities

Since establishing its first location in 2018, Monty’s has gained a reputation as a favorite among celebs. The vegan business, which currently has five locations throughout Los Angeles, frequently collaborates with its well-known patrons on innovative menu items that spread the word.

In 2019, rapper Vince Staples assisted the franchise in promoting a milkshake, the sales of which benefited the monthly companion animal adoption events held by Monty & Friends Adoption Fund. In celebration of the release of Brockhampton’s new album Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine last year, Monty’s created two sparkly vegan milkshakes.

Travis Barker, a longtime vegan and drummer for Blink-182, and his wife Kourtney Kardashian Barker, are also huge Monty’s supporters. Kardashian Barker recently shared their top LA restaurants on her Poosh wellness portal, and Monty’s was a resounding presence.

Here, the couple like ordering vegan chicken sandwiches with a specialty drink, which are created with Daring Plant Chicken, a company with which they have collaborated on various projects. The Travis Oat Matcha Latte Shake, which Monty’s created in collaboration with Barker, was first offered as a limited-edition item, but the restaurant chain kept it once it gained popularity.

And what did Joaquin Phoenix do following his legendary, animal rights-focused Oscar acceptance speech in 2020? Instead of attending any of the meat-serving business afterparties, the award-winning actor and his wife Rooney Mara went directly to Monty’s to celebrate with a real vegan burger.

Source: “Elton John Partners With Vegan Burger Chain to Celebrate Last Tour” by VegNews

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