Dr. Jane Goodall Gets Her Own Barbie

Jane Goodall Barbie

Dr. Jane Goodall holds a variety of titles, including anthropologist, ethologist, and UN Messenger of Peace. And now she’s also a Barbie.

The Barbie Inspiring Women Series uses heroines from many professions to infuse feminism into children’s playtimes. Along with others on the list, Goodall is joined by Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and Billie Jean King.

For her revolutionary work with chimpanzees, Goodall is well recognized. As a result, she is depicted as Barbie with a model of David Greybeard, one of her well-known primate subjects.

The Honor

One of the foremost primatologists in the world is Goodall. Her work with the Tanzanian chimpanzees produced facts that changed perceptions and helped us realize how similar humans are to other animals.

Because of her work, Goodall has become a vocal advocate for causes like vegetarianism, meat substitutes, and the global warming disaster.

Her Barbie doll is made of 75% recycled plastic to stay in line with Goodall’s key concerns. Ocean-bound plastic debris that has been recycled promotes conservation. The collection’s first figurine constructed from these materials is this one.

“Since Dr. Jane Goodall’s historic journey to Tanzania at age 26 to study chimpanzees in their natural habitat, she has paved the way for generations of future humanitarian leaders to forge their own path. Her life-long work as a renowned ethologist, conservationist, and animal advocate, has been a tour de force of compassion and a benefit to our entire planet,” Barbie stated on social media.

The Dr. Jane Goodall Barbie can be found here.

Source: “Barbie’s ‘Inspiring Women’ Series Now Includes A Dr. Jane Goodall Doll” by Plant Based News

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