NFL Star Cam Newton Invests In Daring Foods

Cam Newton smiling

Cam Newton, a vegan NFL player, is the latest celebrity to endorse Daring Foods, a leading vegan chicken company.

The quarterback stated in a recent interview that he wants to assist boost the plant-based culinary sector in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Cam Newton Bets On Vegan Chicken

After seeing a “remarkable change” in his body, Newton has remained vegan for several years. When he met creator and CEO Ross Mackay in 2019, he got intrigued in Daring Foods.

Newton told Fortune last week, “I believed in him and his vision as a person and was all in.”

He goes on to say that he wants to leave a legacy so that after he retires from sports, he may continue to study and “make an impact.”

Newton’s goal to promote plant-based diets is inextricably linked to his identity as a person of color.

“Being a Black man who grew up in the South, fried chicken was a staple in most diets. It was inexpensive and delicious; while not the healthiest option, we sometimes even had it twice a day… Something I hope to accomplish with Daring is to teach the Atlanta community and others the power of plant-based eating,” Newton stated.

“Forming a healthy diet doesn’t need to be expensive and can have the same taste, texture, and feel as real chicken without the harmful results to our body, environment, and the chickens.”

Daring Foods

The NFL star joins the likes of Drake, Miles Chamley-Watson, and others in endorsing the brand.

Last year, Drake’s contribution helped the business secure a $40 million Series B capital round. It has already raised nearly $120 million in total.

Watson’s support was partly driven by a desire to make vegan meals more accessible.

Daring Foods and the athlete have “the exact same mindset and morals,” according to the athlete. They also have a desire to affect meaningful societal change.

Source: “NFL Star Cam Newton Invests In Vegan Chicken Brand To Increase Accessibility” by Plant Based News



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