PlantForm Unveils Global Mission To Bring Plant-Based Foods to the Market

PlantForm Logo

PlantForm, a modern manufacturing accelerator for plant-based entrepreneurs, launched today with a bold objective to help leading and emerging companies around the world accelerate their route to market, product development, and scale.

“The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families.”

Allen Zelden, a food tech investment adviser and APAC industry veteran, co-founded PlantForm to “offer a unique service tearing down barriers to entry in the market and accelerating scale at a crucial time for the plant-based industry.”

Altering Consumerism and Supply Chains

PlantForm’s team has over a thousand plant-based SKUs on the market and has over 25 years of expertise. Using numerous APAC locations and direct access to crucial resources and money, its ecosystem will be able to create new routes to growth.

“By accelerating company growth and innovation, we aim to alter consumerism and supply systems beyond traditional capital forces to catapult the industry forward and ultimately reduce our reliance on animal agriculture… While adoption of plant-based food is at a tipping point globally with capital flowing into the sector, a major use of these funds is tied up in building new manufacturing capabilities and research and development,” stated Zelden.

PlantForm will operate as a conduit to assist drive radical system change by bringing more ethical and sustainable food alternatives to market through food tech innovation, flexible manufacturing, and growth infrastructure.

A Radical Shift Is Required

In order to achieve radical system change, solve the climate problem, sustainably satisfy our nutrition demands as a growing population, and put an end to intensive animal agriculture, the plant-based food business requires access to more strategic partners and adaptable infrastructures.

When new and rising companies enter this fast-growing industry, the obstacles to entry are frequently substantial, owing to either hefty upfront proprietary production costs or a lack of manufacturing access. Contract manufacturing may be a viable option, however obtaining independent contract manufacturing with unique production requirements might be difficult.

Furthermore, when plant-based food enterprises seek external finance, production often accounts for the majority of net proceeds. PlantForm aims to close the gap between access to scale and specialized value-added services in this area.

By leveraging access to unique infrastructure, network, and product development skills, the new service hopes to form successful collaborations to manufacture plant-based meals and tap into a larger global market.

“The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families, which is why it’s vital to empower entrepreneurs and food brands of the future to support the transformation of our global food system from the ground up,” states Zelden.

PlantForm is accepting applications for its first round of collaboration and manufacturing enquiries, which will begin in April. Keep an eye on this space for more information and contact information.

Source: “BREAKING: PlantForm Presents its Global Mission to Accelerate Plant-Based Foods to Market” by vegconomist

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