How to Use vKind to Network and Build New Vegan Partnerships

How to Use vKind to Network and Build New Vegan Partnerships

At vKind, we want to make it easy for anyone to learn about living vegan, and find businesses who can help them with their transition or deepening their lifestyle. If you run a vegan business, here are four ways to network and partner with other vKind members.

Search for businesses by location
Use our easy search function to find companies by keyword and location. You might be surprised to discover a few vegan businesses in your area you can partner with, or use as a supplier.

Want to distribute your product nationally? For example, you’ll find e-commerce retailers, or look for similar businesses on the other side of the country, and ask who they use to distribute their products. Since less in-person meetings are happening right now, be sure to encourage virtual coffee chats online when you introduce yourself and your business!

Search for businesses by category
If you’re looking for a vegan partner and location isn’t a factor, searching by category may be more helpful. Want to find an aligned charitable cause? Search Non-Profits & Animal Sanctuaries. Need help with telling your story or growing and expanding your audience? Search using the keywords Copywriting or Marketing which are under the Professional Services category.
Also, if you don’t find someone in your area be sure to use the Online Service filter to see who you could work with remotely.

On our homepage, you’ll see all of the main categories that businesses fall under. Ease your search by selecting a category, or go to our full listings page to filter by multiple categories.

You can add listings to “My Favorites” in your account (once you register for one) by clicking on the heart icon in the top-right corner of each listing.

Attend an event
People buy from who they know and trust, and the easiest way to gain trust is to meet potential partners face to face (whether via video meeting or in person). In addition to reaching out to vegan companies using our search function, our Events page lists vegan-related events happening across the country (both online and in person.) If you want to tack on pleasure with your business trip (or vice versa!), you’ll find a list of everything happening there—or you’ll be able to join virtual events from anywhere online.

Claim or add your business listing
Most importantly, you want YOUR business to be found by consumers and potential clients and partners. If your business is already listed, claim it, or to add a new listing, and create your profile!

Don’t forget to go back to your Favorites, follow them on social media, and start engaging with them. Enjoy forming partnerships with vKind members, and be sure to share your success story with us!





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