American Express Removes Crocodile Leather From Rewards Program

American Express Removes Leather from Crocodiles

Crocodile skin bags have finally been eliminated from the American Express’s Membership Rewards program.

Following five years of advocacy from the vegan charity PETA, the company has come under intense pressure to eliminate the incentive.

In fact, PETA supporters have sent American Express over 300,000 notes imploring the business to act.

As a result, PETA gave the banking behemoth a box of vegan chocolates in the shape of a crocodile.

Change is coming

“The tide is turning against exotic skins. It’s clear that people—especially young consumers—don’t want to support industries that abuse animals,” the charity said.

“Instead of killing and wearing animals for fashion, companies like American Express can offer rewards made with vegan leathers—like those made out of grapes, teak leaves, pineapples, and many other materials—delivering the cutting edge of fashion to its valued customers.”

73 percent of Generation Z members, according to a recent Glamour survey reported by PETA, identify as animal rights activists.

The use of exotic animal skins

The fashion industry is using fewer exotic animal skins, such crocodile.

British handbag manufacturer Mulberry declared it would stop using the skins of exotic animals in its designs in 2020. This comprised the hides of snakes, lizards, ostriches, alligators, and crocodiles.

“We have spent a lot of time determining and then continually reviewing our sustainability metrics and targets. At an early stage of this process, we decided not to use exotics in our collections, and this remains our position,” said Rosie Wallacott, Sustainability Manager of Mulberry group.

Times are changing

“Behind every handbag or wallet made with exotic skins is an animal who suffered tremendously,” said Yvonne Taylor, Director of Corporate Projects at PETA.

“Mulberry’s decision to ban these cruelly obtained materials is a sign of the times. PETA calls on other luxury labels to follow its lead.”

The likes of Chanel, HUGO BOSS, and Burberry, luxury fashion houses, have also enacted similar restrictions.

Source: “American Express ditches crocodile skin rewards following hefty pressure from vegan charity” by Vegan Food & Living

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