Albert Heijn Pledges To Be 60% Plant-Based by 2030

Albet Heijn Storefront

Albert Heijn, a large supermarket in the Netherlands, has announced ambitions to make all of its goods plant-based by 2030.

Albert Heijn wants to make sure that 60% of the proteins it sells are made from plants.

To accomplish this ambitious goal, the Dutch shop has also announced that it would quadruple its already substantial vegan selections.

Vegan salmon burgers and vegan caviar are among the new items at the store.

Furthermore, the shop believes that its plant-based growth will encourage consumers to try new vegan foods that are healthier and more interesting.

Plant-Based Supermarket in the Netherlands

Albert Hejin aims to add 150 new goods to its store by 2030 in response to the increased demand for plant-based food alternatives.

Bean burgers prepared with locally farmed beans, mushroom Shawarma, and even vegan caviar made from seaweed are all part of the store’s recent expansion.

Egmond explained that while demand for vegan products at the store is increasing, the store’s goal is to provide inspiration to non-vegans.

 “For a healthier future, for people and the planet, it is necessary to eat more vegetable proteins… That is why I think it is so important that we as Albert Heijn take our part in this and help our customers on their way to a more plant-based diet… We do this by offering the widest choice of tasty, healthy and affordable vegetable and vegetarian products,” Marit van Egmond, CEO of Albert Heijn stated.

Veganism Rising in the Netherlands

In recent years, the Netherlands has emerged as a hotspot for vegan cuisine.

Due to their unique offerings, brands such as Vegan Junk Food and Dunkin Doughnuts are prospering in the Dutch capital.

In addition, Vegan Fresco, Amsterdam’s first 100 percent vegan supermarket, will open in 2020.

More attractive plant-based opportunities are expected in the Netherlands.

Source: “Major Dutch supermarket to go 60% plant-based by 2030” by Vegan Food & Living



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