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We are going into the New Year with Veganuary starting and would like to inspire many others by sharing YOUR story. What is the reason you went vegan and how it has helped you?

Would you like to sit down for a 15-minute virtual interview with Dr. Shabnam Islan, the host of Vkind Connects, and tell your story to be featured on Vkind Connects?

Has going vegan inspired you to try new cuisines and expand your palate to include new awareness of various cultures around the world?

Did you find that going vegan has connected you with more people, improved your health, or saved you money on medical bills?  What health ailments have you overcome since adopting a plant-based lifestyle?

Veganism has gained more mainstream acceptance in recent years, with many claiming social, moral, religious, and ethical reasons. Many have gone vegan, not only for the animals but to help reduce the effects of climate change and its impact on the environment. 

We want to hear your testimony on how going vegan has changed your life to help us grow a community of compassionate people and be an inspiration for others.

The decision to choose plant-based options is an important one, whatever your reasoning for making the change.


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